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Alien Sea Alien Sea

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

No way!

It is an honor to have someone make a music video of a sort for one of my songs (something serious I mean). You have a good idea and It thrilled me to see that someone picked up on the imagery given off by the song. I always thought of a pond + twighlight setting when I listened to it. You have inspired me to make an actual music video! Something using a digital camera though, because I couldn't use flash if it meant my life.
All I really saw though, were simple objects being moved accross the screen. If you put more effort into the art, maybe team up with somebody else for help, then you would have a magnificent flash. You say you made it in one afternoon, well, yes that won't quite work if you are going for quality, so I can't say you're a bad artist, you just need to put more time and devotion into it.
Its already been said, but I agree that you should devote more time into a flash. Perhaps make it a week project, if you have that kind of discipline. I would love to see a remake of the flash if you ever decide to get around to it. Good luck and keep flashing!

clarke0 responds:

I might make another one SIMILAR to this if you make more ambient music (hint hint). I have learnt my lesson with this though (week or 2-3 weeks per project is good). Thanks for the for the decent score, and thanks for your fantastic music!

-Silly Greeks- -Silly Greeks-

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


I liked it, it made me giggle. But I'm pretty sure it could have been presented a little better. You could hear the narrator turning the mic on and off, which can be avoided by pushing the stop record button instead of turning the mic off. Another thing i felt took away from the humor was the voices. Though what they were saying was pretty funny, I felt it wasn't presented with enough energy or proper tone of voice to do it effectively. The art, i'm sure you realize could have been drawn better, but its not entirely necessary because this is humor. Overall it was pretty cool, not interesting enough to make me throw my pants off, but it was interesting. Keep at it and you'll only get better.

Thanks for using my song by the way!

Kimaero responds:

Yeah, the mic thing, that's some wierd problem with Audacity. I'd use sound recorder, but you can only go in 30 second intervals D:

The humor, eh, I tried, but I had a bad cold this weekend. Thus my overly nasally voice, and I deepened it to try and cover it up. Didn't do great, as you could probably tell.

And you're welcome, I wish I could've had a better flash to use it in.

Thanks for the review!

ClockDay Box ClockDay Box

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Pretty cool! it ended a little abruptly, but then i guess the next part of the song would have been difficult to create. I'm proud to announce that someone has brought honor to my music in their submissions. well done, but you could have had the music fade out or something in the end.

Fogmarl 7 Fogmarl 7

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


The songs were totally awsome! especially that one by carcase... you did a good job on the humor too, not too many things have made me laugh on ng lately (landing sequence). Though the ending had me like, WAH?

Slickernaut responds:

Hehe, thanks. The ending confused you? Was it that it was confusing, or it went too quickly? I'm still learning to correctly pace animation, but I come here from film making, and kind of have a general idea..

I'm glad you like the landing sequence bit.. I felt ridiculous recording it. :)

Audio Portal 6 Audio Portal 6

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Rock on

Why not include another part of the song if you're gonna use it again (Overheat)... But nice work. Go audio portal!

Livecorpse responds:

Makes sense dude. that song is pretty sweet.
see ya in the audio portal, man.

Audio Portal 5 Audio Portal 5

Rated 4 / 5 stars

haha wtf?

OMG wtf? i found your use of my song amusing